We provide contractor website design services that ACTUALLY BRING YOU MORE CUSTOMERS!

Stop worrying about where your next customer is coming from and start planning the long-term future of your contracting business.
Here is what you can expect when you buy a contractor website from us:


People are on the move more than ever today, and yellow pages and other business directories just don’t cut it like they used to.

You need a website — and you need one that loads fast and is easily readable and navigable whether a potential client is sitting at a desktop in their office or searching for a contractor on a tablet or mobile phone out in the field or in their vehicle.

When it comes to building a strong customer base, a well-designed, mobile-friendly website is your most important tool of the trade!


Your crew may clock out at the end of the workday, but a website works for you 24/7 gathering leads and displaying your work long after you’ve turned out the lights.

Even when you’re sleeping, potential customers can be finding out where you’re located, reading up on your services, perusing a gallery of your best work, finding answers to frequently asked questions, and most importantly, filling out a form to request an estimate.

Work with a premium website design company that can help you start collecting new customers day and night!


Your company does great work. So why not let that last job or even the ten before it open more doors for you? A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. And a handful of good ones can really make your website pop.

Just imagine what a gallery of high quality, high resolution pics or videos can say about your expertise. A website gives you the perfect opportunity to WOW prospective customers with your company’s unique story and with amazing examples of your work.


You’re the best! You know it, and we know it. Now is the time to let us design a website that lets more of your neighbors know they can put their trust in you too.

When people trust you, they come to you. It’s an important first step in building a strong customer base. Let us create an atmosphere of trust for you! We’ll put together a site that clearly advertises your company’s name and address, the various services you offer, and the high quality standards your company lives by.

But that’s not all.

We’ll also create educational posts, infographics, and other forms of content — ones that get found on Google and other top search engines — that clearly demonstrate the vast knowledge you have in your industry. We will actually bring you more customers.


Are you a general contractor that counts on a stable of reliable, experienced tradespeople to handle specific portions of your work? Or are you an electrical, plumbing, or masonry subcontractor that provides those services a general contractor needs? Wherever you fit in the mix, you know that good partnerships are essential for long-term growth.

A great website isn’t just a tool for showing off your photos. It can also get the word out to other national or local contractors which can bring you large projects and more importantly, more MONEY!

When you are a contractor, some of the most important customers you will get are other contractors that subcontract work to you. A great way to attract those big juicy contracts is by having a good looking website that tells everybody about you and how you are better than others out there.


If you’ve ever looked for a service provider online, you know how important customer reviews can be in forming first impressions. Let your customers share their experiences on your site and showcase all those warm reviews. Demonstrate how you follow-up on questions or complaints (we can even incorporate your existing Google reviews right on your new website).

Reviews show others that your company is active and engaged and ready for whatever comes next. So don’t be surprised when they generate more calls to your company.


We live in the modern world. Prospective customers use phones, tablets, and computers to find the things they need online and if your business is not showing up, you are missing out on a whole lot of sales. The thing is that prospects aren’t just looking for services from 8AM to 5PM these days, no, not at all. Prospects search when the need strikes – it could be at 8PM or 5AM – that’s why you always need to be prepared.

Think about it, how often do you use your phone to find a product you need for your business or to find a provider for a particular service? Your prospective customers are doing the exact same thing you are and being found online is key for true growth these days – that’s why having a website is so important.


Your success is our success. We want to help you become the GO-TO contractor in your city and to help you get even more customers, we will create a Google My Business profile for you as a free bonus when you buy one of our websites for contractors. Not only that, but we will teach you exactly what you need to do to get more and more customers to come to you every week.

That is what we call the JRC Creative difference!





Do you work with commercial clients only? Or do you serve both commercial and residential? What services do you offer? Are you looking to grow a particular aspect of your business? Do you service all of the United States or just a particular region?

Each business is unique, so the first thing we ask you to do is simply connect with us so we can have a conversation about the services you offer and the best type of website to help you get as many customers as possible — very similar to how your customers get a quote from you.

That’s what we do. Here’s what we don’t do:

  • Harass you with annoying phone calls
  • Spam you with useless emails
  • Use pushy sales tactics

You don’t like them and we don’t like them either!


Once we understand your business and the services you offer, we put together a very simple proposal with our website ideas and the estimated cost for the new site.

Here’s what else we do:

  • Offer flexible monthly payment options
  • Offer one-time payment options
  • Process all transactions using PayPal so your payment details are protected by the highest standards in the industry


Once you give us the ‘Go Ahead’, we begin working on your new website right away.


Note that we:

  • Use premium web design tools only
  • Use American writers only for all website copy
  • Use WordPress, the world’s most popular website builder, to give you an extra modern look while making it easy for you to make updates in the future


We are contractors just like you are. Get in touch, let’s have a talk about your website design needs and see where we go from there.


We are proud owners of several contracting businesses in the state of Pennsylvania. We know the ins and outs of the contracting industry, we understand how subcontracting works, and we know how to get you more customers.

When you work with us you can expect:


When you choose JRC Creative, you’ll get no hidden fees or last-minute surprises. And if you have questions, we’ll be here to answer them.


Contracting is a wide open field. But whether you put up houses or skyscrapers, install siding or landscaping, wire up light switches, or pour massive foundations, you're building something.

At JRC Creative, we like to think of ourselves as builders too. We build powerful websites that create connections between our clients and new prospects. We pour the foundation and build the framework that entices these new prospects to act.

And we also build on what our customers bring to the table. We build on your expertise, your quality workmanship, and your good reputation putting it all in an attractive package that actually works to build your client base.


Just getting started as a contractor? We know that when it comes to making payments, one size does not always fit all. That's why we've created flexible payment options to fit any budget. Make the full payment up front and all at once, pay 50% upfront and 50% once your new website is ready, or budget your payments with our monthly installment plan.


There is a reason why WordPress is the world's most popular website builder. It's safe and easy to use, versatile, and it displays websites well no matter what kind of device you are using.

Of course a productive website is about more than just the words and pictures plastered on it. A website needs to be attractive. It needs to grab the attention of visitors from the get go and keep them there. The layout, the feel, the navigation, and the right mix of words, images, and white space need to blend seamlessly.

And that's the beauty of WordPress.

Basically, with a WordPress website, the sky's the limit - arguably the best software out there for building new websites where you want a premium look.


JRC Creative uses PayPal, one of the largest and most trusted payment networks available. Fast and easy-to-use, it is the network of choice for not only our company but also millions of merchants and their customers across the globe.

When you use PayPal to make a purchase, your financial information is safe at all times. PayPal stores your financial information like your bank account or credit card numbers, but they don't share this information with sellers. That's peace of mind.

In addition to keeping your info secure, we also add security to your own site so prospective customers can contact you with confidence (We can even teach you how to use PayPal for your own invoicing).


Do you ever get phone calls at work or at home from people trying to sign you up for solar panels, vacation getaways, or security systems for your home? Of course, you do! And if you're like most of the population, you probably get double the intrusions in your email…

Fortunately, you'll never have to worry about JRC creative harassing and bothering you this way. You will never get annoying phone calls or intrusive emails you don't want to read.

At JRC Creative, we employ inbound marketing, a model that attracts customers through the use of valuable content and experiences tailored to them. In other words, we don’t believe in bugging you and taking your valuable time to ask you if you need a service, we believe in letting you come to us with questions and in helping you find answers without expecting anything in return.

We simply want to help you succeed.


Once you agree to let us design a site for you, we'll get working on it right away. And when it's done, you'll own it all - unlike other website design companies out there. That means you own everything related to the site--your web copy, your images, your video, your forms. Everything. There's no catch and no hidden surprises. You'll own every piece of creative work our genius team of web designers build for you. That's our promise.


We run several contracting businesses ourselves and we have proven marketing strategies that you can use to get more customers for your own business. So in addition to giving you a premium website we’ll also give you step by step instructions on how to future prove your business with thousands of new customers.

We’re the contractor website design company that keeps on giving!

About JRC Creative

JRC Creative is a premium contractor website design company in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania that focuses on delivering amazing contractor website design services only. No eCommerce, No startup sites, just contractor websites all day every day!

Jorge Carcamo, the founder, runs multiple contractor businesses in the state of Pennsylvania and for the last several years has been building websites and helping his family grow multiple thriving cleaning companies, remodeling companies, and roofing companies.

JRC Creative has the tools and web design expertise to build you a brand new base of clients. Bring customers in from all over the net – through captivating content, subcontractor shares, customer referrals, and through local and national search engine results. Get started today!


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Where are you located?

We are located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania but our web designers work remotely with customers all over the United States.

Why don’t you list your pricing on your site?

Just like you, we are contractors as well. We don’t list any prices on our site because each business owner is unique and different customers need different websites. We ask you to get a custom quote from us so we can give you the best pricing based on your actual needs - just like your customers get a custom quote from you for every project.

How long does it take to design a new website?

It typically takes around three weeks to do the full web design.

What do you need to get started?

We just need your logo (if you don’t have a logo we can create one for you for free), and a few photos of your work - we will do the rest from there.

Once I pay for my site, is that it?

Once you pay for your site all web design costs are complete. The only other charge is for keeping the site online (web hosting), and this comes out to $120 every year (we give you the first year for free).

What if my website breaks or has issues?

We make sure your website is up and running with no issues prior to handoff and we also provide free support for 60 days after your initial design is complete. After the 60 days we also provide technical support at a very small fee of $60 per issue. No worries, you are in great hands when you work with JRC Creative.