5 Reasons Why Having a Logo is Important for Your Business

OUR BLOG If you’ve ever been in a car with a pre-school age child who spies a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant up ahead and begs you to stop and buy them a Happy Meal, you know first-hand the power of a great logo. While mastering early reader books may still be a few years away, those […]

5 Ways to Get Inspiration for Logo Design

OUR BLOG Home Blog Do you have a favorite author? Each time you read their latest book, do you stop and wonder how they came up with such a great story and characters? Don’t you wish you could tap that same source of inspiration to help you come up with the perfect logo for your […]

5 Things a Good Logo Should Have

OUR BLOG Home Blog When you think of some of the most well-known business enterprises, it’s easy to conjure up the logos that are part and parcel of the brands they represent. Coca-Cola’s iconic script, McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’shalf-bitten apple – Over the years these memorable logos have become embedded in our consciousness. Wouldn’t it […]