5 Things a Good Logo Should Have

When you think of some of the most well-known business enterprises, it’s easy to conjure up the logos that are part and parcel of the brands they represent.

Coca-Cola’s iconic script, McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s
half-bitten apple – Over the years these memorable logos have become embedded in our consciousness. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a logo for your company that created that same power of recognition?

Designing a fitting logo isn’t always a smooth and simple process. You want a logo that works, something that sets your company above and apart from the competition. But where do you begin? And what should you consider?

If you take a deeper look at some of the most successful logos, you’ll find they all share some of the same common elements:


Your business might offer multiple services. You may sell hundreds of items under your company umbrella. But squeezing them all into the picture in hopes of hitting everything on the list will only result in a logo that is busy, confusing, and worst of all, forgettable.

Keep in mind your logo should be everywhere you market your business, including your website. Unfortunately, one negative by-product of the internet is that it has reduced human attention spans considerably. When it comes to web surfers, you only get a few seconds to grab the attention of your target audience.

So the easier your logo is to recall, the better
prospective customers will connect it with your brand.


Let’s jump back for a moment to Apple’s half-bitten apple logo. What’s it supposed to mean, anyway? If you read up on its history, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs felt the basic apple would connect with his audience as something that is both good and wholesome while also representing the ever-intriguing, Garden of Eden’s forbidden fruit.

Most people, of course, aren’t going to research matters that deeply, but suffice to say the bite-out-of-the-apple logo does an excellent job of grabbing visitors’ attention, creating intrigue, and keeping them around just long enough to want to know more.

And isn’t that exactly what you want?


If there’s one constant in the world, it’s that everything changes over time. And like many new fads and trends, everyone wants the latest, shiny new thing.

Jumping on the fad bandwagon may really work for you when it comes to fashion or technology, but going trendy with a company logo is more often than not an error in judgment. A logo that needs to be changed up, again and again, can result in prospective customers not making a strong connection with your brand.

You want to be in business for a good long time, right?
A good logo should be designed with the long term in mind.

Appropriate Colors and Fonts

Color is a powerful communicator, and, believe it or not, there’s a whole psychology built around how color and color schemes impact our emotions — and our buying decisions. For example, red is known to elicit excitement and to stimulate the appetite. And yellow tends to invoke feelings of optimism and happiness.

Is it any wonder why McDonald’s fast-food restaurants have stuck with the same red and yellow color combo for all these years?

A similar argument can be made for fonts. What words would you use to describe your company overall? Powerful? Trustworthy? Friendly? Creative? Fun-loving?

The color and font choices you make for your logo can go a long way to convey the image you want to project.


The best logos have a simple design that can be used across all modes of communication and advertising. And that’s what you want because the more your logo is seen, the more people will connect it with your brand.

When designing a logo, it’s important to consider the different venues your logo may be used in. What looks great on a billboard may not translate well to a small business card. Or vice versa.

Need an example? Look no further than athletic footwear company, Nike.

The company logo is simply written in bold, slightly forward-leaning letters with a deep “swoosh” below the name. The overall feeling projected by this simple design is one of power, speed, and athleticism. In fact, the swoosh has become so recognizable that today it works as a standalone without the Nike name.

How awesome is that?

Some Final Thoughts

Designing the perfect logo for your company can seem like a challenge, but if you create the right one, it will be well worth the added effort. It’s also good to know you don’t have to go it alone. The internet is a great resource for logo design tools with many of them offered free of charge.

Use the five elements above to guide your creative process and get the perfect logo. Share it with us on social media once you finish it, we love to see creativity in action

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