5 Reasons Why Having a Logo is Important for Your Business

If you’ve ever been in a car with a pre-school age child who spies a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant up ahead and begs you to stop and buy them a Happy Meal, you know first-hand the power of a great logo.

While mastering early reader books may still be a few years away, those golden arches provide an enticing story of their own for kids–a story about yummy chicken McNuggets, crispy fries, and maybe even (if, of course, they’re very, very good!) acquiring another cool little toy for their collection.

Okay, so maybe you’re not in the global restaurant business. Perhaps your vision for growth is inclined toward local or regional markets. So why, you might be asking, should you even bother with a logo? How would having one be important for YOUR business?

Here are five ways a great logo can play a vital role in any company’s success :

A Great Logo Separates You from the Competition

It’s not like Hanes was the only company in the world that made hosiery, but in 1969 when it came out with its L’eggs brand pantyhose, the company literally clobbered the competition.

L’eggs hose was sold in eye-catching, egg-shaped plastic containers and the logo played up on the egg theme with scripted lettering that appeared to look like baby chicks. That, combined with a unique marketing concept and the catchy tagline, “Nothing beats a great pair of legs,” helped push their product line to the top of the market.

Sure, Hanes makes quality products. But other hosiery companies do as well. Their great logo, however, was integral in making its L’eggs line a true standout.

Is there something about your company name or product line that stirs the imagination?

A Great Logo Stirs Emotions

Why is it that a single compelling photograph perhaps combined with a few catchy words will move us far more than a plain block of text? The answer is simple. Humans are visual creatures.

Images, including colors, shapes, and fonts, can be absorbed in mere seconds and evoke feelings of joy, excitement, calm, and a whole range of other emotions.

Love that comfy pillow you bought online from MyPillow? Have you noticed how the letters in the logo are soft, puffy, and, well… pillowy looking? How does the cool blue color of the logo lettering make you feel? Does it leave you with a sense of calm?

What emotions would you like YOUR logo to evoke in potential customers?

A Great Logo Establishes Your Foundation and
Makes Your Business Memorable

Here’s a test. Think of the logo for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Did you picture a peacock?

If ever there was a visual product, it’s television programming, so it was a great choice in 1956 to select the colorful peacock as a logo to exemplify the great color viewers would enjoy when watching NBC shows. The NBC peacock was a great foundation for the network, but that didn’t mean the network couldn’t play with the logo over the years, updating it while keeping the continuity as technology changed.

What is the greatest selling point about your business
that you want to exemplify above anything else?

A Great Logo Defines Its Audience

If your business model revolves around homemade treats for dogs and other associated pet products, then a bone-shaped logo or image with a happy-go-lucky dog might be in order. Likewise, a business geared toward children might warrant a logo with a child-centric theme.

Whatever your target audience, it’s important to
design a logo that grabs their attention.

A Great Logo Ties Everything Together

Starting to build a website for your business? Thinking about printing business cards, signage, and getting your company out there on social media? Whatever you do to make yourself known, you want to put your best foot forward. And a great logo is integral to the cause.

A logo plays an important role in tying all the different types of advertising about your company together. It should be on your website, of course, on your business cards, on mugs or pens or other giveaways you may create. And on the social media venues you use.

Using your logo across the board ties everything together and gives your company an extra air of professionalism.

Summing It Up

Your logo should be an integral part of your business, one that separates you from the competition, stirs emotions, and is memorable. It should define your audience and play the role of pulling everything together. If you want your business to be operating in 5 years, consider investing on a logo.

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